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Effortless online and mobile marketing for your business.

Our mission:

Our mission is to give your business the same advantages that the big guys have by delivering an efficient, targeted, and affordable advertising subscription geared to address your needs. We identify the appropriate digital marketing opportunities to promote your business so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you.

What we offer

CheckBox provides your business with a comprehensive suite
of digital and online marketing tools and strategies.

Maximize how your business ranks in search.

Locally targeted Facebook advertising campaigns.

Mobile ads—right customer…right place…right time

We are the authority when it comes to accurate and complete online business listings.

Testimonials and Case Studies

From lost in the search shuffle to #1 on Google in two weeks

Cristina Iacobelli

College Coin Laundry

"I signed up for CheckBox's service. I saw a lift in sales, but I wasn’t convinced it was their advertising that did it. Because I wasn’t sure, I did not renew my subscription. Then, my sales plummeted. It's rare that any advertising service is so obviously successful. I didn't need fancy reports to know it worked. When I realized what had happened, I immediately signed back up, and my business recovered. It was effortless--they handled the entire process and were great to work with. Thank you CheckBox."


Mayly Tao

DK's Donuts and Bakery

“Within two weeks we were the first result of Google for lots of "Donut" terms. Seriously, we are the top result for "Best Donut in Santa Monica." CheckBox fixed our broken and missing listings on other sites, too. They even provided us with a report of what needed to be fixed. Beyond that, they made it effortless, they worked quickly, and they only suggested the things that we needed. Thanks CheckBox, you made a real difference.”

About Us

We want to see your business thrive.

CheckBox is the product of over 50 years of evolutionary progress in marketing and advertising small and medium-sized businesses. We deliver the most effective local digital marketing available. Our entire team brings both skill and passion into developing each of our products, to ensure that your marketing dollars work as hard as you do. Our aim is to be a partner in growing your business with today’s best targeted mobile and online marketing tools


Learn more about our leadership team below.

Antony Barran

Strategy Leader

Cora Barran


Nick Barran

Finance Leader

Dan Little

Product and Technology Leader

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How to Use Google's Newest Feature

Popular Hours Feature From Google - Google Now Shows Mobile Users How Busy Businesses Are And When.
Late last week, I read a fascinating article by Mike Blumenthal, at Blumenthals.com. Here is a link to the blog post: "GOOGLE NOW FEATURING A LOCATION’S POPULAR HOURS ON MOBILE DEVICES" TLDR (Too Lazy: Didn’t Read)? Google now presents, for businesses all over the world, daily bar charts that represent how busy the business is by hour of the day and day of the week. It’s a fascinating piece of data. As Mike points out the data is fairly limited, and therefore, not totally accurate. Right now they are only getting data from Android users that have agreed to release their data to Google. However, it’s one of those things that will become a killer app in probably less than a year. Read More

Building Your Business for the Long Term

Grow Your Vision - To Get From Good To Great and From Big To Huge, You'll Need To Rethink A Few Things
For many of us, there is a huge hole in the practice of Lean Startup and the use of Minimally Viable Product. I am a big fan of this process.

  • Release an initial version of a new product consisting only of core "must have" features.
  • Collect the maximum amount of validated learnings about customers with the least effort and investment risk.
  • Build new things based on the learnings.
  • It is both efficient and inspiring to work within this framework.
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How To Build The Right Ads?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  As a marketer, I am regularly reminded of this phrase when working with clients. New media opportunities appear in the digital world and rapidly replace the old tools like Direct Mail, PennySaver, Newspapers, and the Yellow Pages. Vast numbers of businesses relied on these tools to get customers. Unchanged is that no matter what method of advertising is used, one must always deliver an ad with a compelling offer that reaches people likely to use the product/service and that the message captures their attention. Read More

It's official! KDA Group is CheckBox.

Effortless online and mobile marketing for your business
50 years ago, Ketchum Communications started Ketchum Directory Advertising, a company focused on supporting national brands with their white and yellow pages advertising. In 2011 the company became KDA Group with a blended digital and print offering.

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How much should I spend on advertising?

Growing or keeping a business vibrant is all about ensuring you have a healthy flow of potential, new customers. Get it right and you have a happy company that allows you to focus on serving your customers. Ignore, forget and/or don’t get it right..and…well…. we all know the final scene of that sad play. My experience is that this is one of the most challenging issues a business owner will face no matter how experienced and savvy a marketer they are.

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